El camino al Fort de Bèrnia

This path connects Les Fonts d’Algar with Fort de Bèrnia. Along the way, we will come across old terraces, a cave, used as a dry yard and a corral for livestock, all with an explanatory panel, where its function and use are explained.

 In addition, throughout the climb we can enjoy magnificent views of both the coast, from Calpe to Alicante, and the Aitana and Xortà mountain ranges.

On clear days from the Fort you can see Ibiza. As for the native flora, the holm oaks, hearts of palm, pines, esparto grass, gorges, etc. stand out.


El Fort de Bèrnia

The Fort de Bèrnia, built in 1562 by the royal engineer Juan Bautista Antoneli, was a clear and magnificent exponent of the Renaissance military architecture of the Ottomans on the coast. In 1612, and due to its ineffectiveness, due to the remoteness of the coast, King Felipe III ordered its demolition. 

From the Fort you can still see the arches, the moat, the bastion, the cistern and the remains of the walls. Its extension was 110 meters long by 110 wide. It is declared B.I.C. (Well of Cultural Interest) since 1997. 

The explanatory panels show the old operation and use of the Fort.