DinoPark Algar is a unique, fun and educational park located in the fantastic setting of the botanical garden Cactus d'Algar.  An area of 6 acres on which are static models and robotic dinosaurs in a natural setting. The park is complemented by a 3D cinema,  children's attractions and a nature trail.  DinoPark Europe  DinoPark Algar is only part of the network of educational and entertainment parks, DinoPark Europe, based in the Czech Republic  (www.dinopark.eu).   Dino Park Algar is the eighth DinoPark built by the Czech company WEST MEDIA.   DinoPark Algar has 30 scenes static and robotic life-sized dinosaurs.The scenes are accompanied by natural decorations, sound system and  educational signs.  Dino Park Algar ································· Les Fonts d’Algar 2017